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عملاق تسريع الحاسوب و تنظيف الويندوز Advanced System Care 10 Pro

نبذه عن البرنامج 
الاصدار الجديد من عملاق تسريع الحاسوب 2017 Advanced System Care كامل بالتفعيل 
البرنامج الاقوي علي الاطلاق في مجال تسريع الحاسوب وتنظيفه وترتيبه وصيانته Advanced System Care يتميز عن غيره في هذا المجال بالدقه والذكاء فهو يعمل دون الاضرار بالسيستم علي عكس اقرنائة من برامج التنظيف .

What’s new in version 10 
+ New FaceID – Automatically catches intruders who are secretly accessing your PC and prying into your privacy with new facial recognition technology.
+ No Annoying Ads and Safer Surfing – Removes various online ads and blocks more malicious websites with the larger online database, supporting Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
+ Faster Startup – Optimizes startup items to shorten boot time with new Startup Optimization in Clean & Optimize.
+ Smoother PC – New Resource Manager in Performance Monitor provides an easy way to check the processes taking high RAM/CPU/disk usage in real-time.
+ No Malicious Modification – Redesigned Homepage Protection shields homepage and search engine against malicious modifications.
+ No Privacy Leak – Enhanced Privacy Sweep supports cleaning more programs and Windows apps and secures your privacy.
+ Improved Junk Files Clean – Added cleaning for installed driver packages to free up more disk space.
* Supported 36 languages.
* And more can be discovered by you.

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